Monday, May 26, 2014

#DirtyGoggles - Judges Choice

Rachael & Larry have spoken!  

Before I get started handing out prizes, I want to say thank you to both of our guest judges for taking time out of their busy schedules to read our entries. Please make sure to show them both some love by liking, buying, and reviewing their work. ^.^

And now for the fun stuffs.  Both of our judges told me the same thing the Dirty Goggles Crew found - WOW.  It was extremely tough to choose just one winner.  So be proud Dirty Ink Slingers; you all blew the gaskets off the storymill.

For the Steam category, Rachael narrowed down her choice to three entries: His Little Bumblebee by Lisa Shambrook, Nurse to the Dead by Eric Martell, and Stolen by Alex Brightsmith.  But I made her pick just one so she gave the top prize to  -

Stolen by Alex Brightsmith

Congrats!!  You win a copy of Rachael's book The Ugly Tin Orrery.
The Ugly Tin Orrery 

Larry had just as hard of a time with the Diesel category.  He was stuck between Tending the Trees by Beth Avery and Dutiful Farewells by Bryan Taylor.  But again, I said he could only choose one so his top pick went to:

Tending the Trees by Beth Avery

Congrats!! You win a copy of Dieselpunk: An Anthology.

Please PM one of the Dirty Goggles Crew via FB or Twitter with an email address to claim your prize.

Thanks again to everyone for making this year's Dirty Goggle Hop a great success.

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